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Flappy Bird Nonsense

Published on Feb 22, 2014

I was planning on writing some more over spring break but I felt like this topic couldn't wait… Can we talk about how something so small had such a big impact on the world? All the news coverage and tweets over an app.

Flappy Bird Nonsense

I think I’ve read more about Flappy Bird online even after the app creator decided it was so addictive that it was his responsibility to remove it from the App Store and Google Play. Now we have countless of customized copies of the game for our addiction, the latest I’ve heard about being Flappy Witch.

Going Viral Nonsense

Social media makes it easy for things to go viral, my favorite being Jimmy Kimmel pranking the entire world through a YouTube video. The difference between that and Flappy Bird was the negativity that went viral as well.

You downloaded the game, played, then tweet how hard it was.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I can’t believe the things that go viral, let alone what affect it has on society as a whole. This little app was most likely one of the biggest things in the app world last year.

It just makes me laugh thinking about how much attention Flappy Bird’s gotten (so much even I’m writing about it). On another note, we’ve made history. I think this is the first saga that’s revolved around a single app.

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